The Best Healthcare Alternative To Expensive Group Medical Insurance



For Employers With Less Than 50 Employees

Small employers until now have been overlooked & underserved in the group health market.

This has changed.  

With the passage of healthcare reform, new tax laws and a champion for the small employer, you now have the advantage over the large employer.
You can take full advantage of the most significant change in the history of health insurance  that provides small employers with an opportunity not available to large employers.
These changes allow the small employer to leverage massive premium subsidies that can pay for all or most of the health insurance premiums for their employers with one simple change.
For Employers With Over 50 Employees

Take Control of Your Health Benefits Costs Without Compromising Value

Employers can now offer better benefits, better premiums, and better coverage.

Healthy Halo’s health benefits programs are designed to help employers control costs, without compromising value.

 By taking a defined contribution approach, you’re able to set a fixed budget each year and build a competitive benefits strategy around that budget.

 We offer several innovative health benefit solutions.

 We work with you to choose and implement the solution that best fits your budget and offers the most value to your employees.

For Individuals and Families

Advantages of Individual Health Insurance

An individual or family health insurance policy is a policy purchased from an insurance company providing coverage for you and your chosen family members.

The way it works is similar to car insurance. With individual health insurance, the risk is spread over a vast number of people, potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions depending on the plan and the insurance company.

Individually purchased insurance is almost always cheaper and provides better coverage than group medical insurance offered through an employer.

Most families in America who earn less than $100,000 a year are eligible for a large federal subsidy to pay for individual health insurance, but only if their employer does not offer them employer-provided group medical coverage.

The subsidy amount is based on income and family size and typically pays for half the cost of individual coverage. This makes individual coverage, after the subsidy, about one-fourth of the price of comparable employer-provided coverage.

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Comprehensive Policy Review

We offer comprehensive policy reviews at no charge any time of the year.  With rising premiums and a changing marketplace, you don’t have to wait until the annual open enrollment season.

We will compare and contrast competing plans from every major healthcare coverage provider in the nation.

We can likely save you thousands of dollars, and also improve your coverage!

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