American Motorcoaches

This company is based in Florida and currently does not offer health insurance. They are struggling to recruit employees because they do not offer benefits. Many of their target recruits and part-timers worked for the school districts there and were hesitant to give up their job with the district to become full-time. Since announcing the benefits to prospective and part-time employees, 3 drivers have already committed to leaving the school district and coming on board as new or full-time employees as of Oct 1.

A traditional group insurance plan for the employees would have cost American Motorcoaches $600-$1,000 per employee per month with a total monthly premium of $8,000 to $10,000.  This would have been paid 50% by the employer and 50% by the employees.

Because of the subsidies available, they are now paying only $800 a month in contributions and administrative fees.

The employees have qualified, as a group, for $3,000 in monthly subsidies and are cumulatively paying only $800 dollars per month.

Compared to a traditional group plan, the savings are 80%.  In addition, the employees could pick a plan with better benefits than the traditional group plan.  One employee with a family of 5 can cover the entire family with a zero-deductible plan for less than $300 per month.

Express Air Coach

Express Air Coach wanted to provide health benefits for 5 employees but could not afford a traditional group plan

By working with each employee, we were able to get premium subsidies for all five.

The savings are significant: instead of paying $650 employee/month, they are now paying only $284 employee/month including dental and vision.

Transportation Charter Services (TCS)

TCS has 60 full-time and 34 part-time employees.  By law they must provide affordable health benefits to their employees or pay hefty IRS fines and penalties.

During the pandemic, many employees dropped coverage due to costs, and now only 20 employees remain on the plan.

Every year their broker would stall and wait until the last minute to present the renewal.

We designed a “Defined Contribution”, 401(k) style health plan.  The employer provides a tax-free stipend of $500 a month to each employee.  We help each employee shop and compare plans to find the perfect plan for their unique situation.

The employer is happy because they are out of the health insurance business and now have a fixed cost.

 The employees are happy because now they have more options and control of their health.