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Will the American Rescue Plan help small-town America?

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Yesterday I wrote about how the American Rescue Plan helps cities.

Today we're looking at the assistance provided for small towns and rural areas.

Not only does the legislation distribute $4 billion to support the food supply chain, $3 billion to support economic development initiatives and $9 billion to assist rural health care providers, it also provides $140 million to support households residing in United States Department of Agriculture-subsidized rural properties or who participate in USDA direct mortgage programs.

Support For Farmers Of Color

In a controversial move, the American Rescue Plan assigns $5 billion to farmers of color — who have lost 90% of their land over the past century because of systemic discrimination — and allocates $750 million to support the Indian Housing and Indian Community Development block grant programs.

The American Rescue Plan, passed by congressional Democrats and signed into law by President Joe Biden, takes a new approach to economic recovery in small towns and rural communities. Democrats are trusting local governments and local people to solve local problems and understand the richness and diversity of small towns and rural communities.

The plan was designed to ensure federal dollars designated for rural America stay in rural America by requiring locally controlled projects and businesses to get the money first.

But with $1.9 trillion at stake, implementation of the rescue plan won’t be easy. Corporate lobbyists are already trying to extract these funds from small businesses, local farms, small-scale processing facilities and rural restaurants.

A Top Priority

The passage of the American Recovery Plan demonstrates that economic recovery in rural America in the wake of the COVID pandemic is a top priority for this Congress and administration. If they can pass the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan, and capitalize on these vital investments from the American Rescue Plan, they could finally start to shift the political fault lines in America.

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