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West Virginia and The American Rescue Plan

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The American Rescue Plan is delivering for the residents of West Virginia.


  • INDIVIDUAL AID: $1,400 stimulus checks to most West Virginians; child tax credits; Earned Income Tax Credit; health insurance assistance (see the bottom section for this important benefit); student loan assistance; and unemployment through Sept. 6

  • SMALL BUSINESS AID: Reauthorization of PPP, EIDL, shuttered venue and restaurant assistance. Previously, WV small businesses received over $1 billion in direct aid.

  • BROADBAND: $138 million in funding for broadband and $2 million for hotspots

  • LOCAL: $679 million in funding for cities and 55 counties, to be administered by local governments

  • STATE: $1.355 billion in funding for WV state government, to be administered by the Governor and legislature

  • VACCINES: $11 million to WV in supplemental vaccine funding and on increasing vaccine doses

  • EDUCATION: $800 million for WV pre-K through 12th grade; $190 million for WV colleges and universities

  • CHILD CARE: $260 million for WV child care and $10 million for WV Head Start

  • SENIORS: $9 million for WV senior programs

  • HOUSING: $152 million for emergency rental assistance in WV and $38.5 million for LIHEAP

  • TRANSPORTATION: $8 million for WV airports; $24 million for WV transit systems

  • VETERANS: Approximately $2.2 million for Veterans nursing homes

  • HOSPITALS AND RURAL HEALTH: Millions in direct funding to help WV hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health departments, home health, and long-term care

  • DRUG PREVENTION: Millions in direct funding to WV through the Substance Abuse Prevention and Health Service Administration

  • FOOD ASSISTANCE: Direct funding to our most vulnerable West Virginians through federal programs

  • FIREFIGHTERS AND FIRST RESPONDERS: The Assistance to Firefighters and SAFER grant programs will receive additional allocations of $100 million and $200 million respectively; Firefighters and First Responders are also eligible for support under state and local government funds

Senator Joe Manchin on The American Rescue Plan 

This COVID relief package will deliver at least $4 billion of vital assistance for West Virginia to rebuild from the health and economic crises that we’ve weathered in the past year. $678 million in funding will go directly to West Virginia's cities and counties, to be administered by local governments. In addition to coronavirus-related expenses, Senator Manchin worked to ensure that this direct funding can be used for infrastructure projects - including water, sewer, and broadband internet projects. This is the first time that cities and counties will get direct relief funding from the federal government. This historic investment will allow our communities to reinvest in critical services like police, fire and EMS which have been so critical during the pandemic, and take on critical infrastructure projects that will create jobs and improve West Virginians' quality of life.
Senator Joe Manchin

The American Rescue Plan makes health insurance more affordable for millions of Americans!

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis estimates that 92% of people who buy their own health insurance will qualify for a subsidy. Its findings also indicate that 1.4 million uninsured people are now newly eligible for the subsidized marketplace coverage.

Kaiser pegs the average savings as ranging from $33 a month for those with incomes under 150% of the poverty level to $213 a month for those with incomes between 400% and 600% of the federal poverty level.

Estimates by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) say premiums after the new savings will decrease, on average, by $50 per person per month, or $85 per policy per month. Four out of five enrollees should be able find a plan for $10 or less a month after premium tax credits, CMS says, and more than 50% will be able to find a “Silver” (or mid-level) plan for $10 or less.

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