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Texas and the American Rescue Plan

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The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 signed on March 11 contains $27.62 billion for state and local governments in Texas to support their response and recovery. The state government will receive $16.8 billion, and local governments will get $10.4 billion from the pandemic relief bill.

Metro cities in Texas, as determined by U.S. Census data, will receive $3.37 billion. Counties will receive almost $5.67 billion, and non-county areas will collect $1.4 billion. More aid will be directed to capital projects with $480 million in funding.

The bill will provide the city of Houston with $615.44 million and Harris County with $914.12 million. Fort Bend County was allocated $157.42 million, and Montgomery County will get $117.8 million.

Dallas County and the city of Dallas will gain $511.14 million and $377.13 million, respectively. Collin County was allocated $200.68 million, and Denton County will get $172.07 million.

San Antonio is set to receive $326.58 million, and Bexar County will get $388.58 million. Austin will collect $195.8 million, and Travis County will get $247.08 million. Williamson County will receive $114.53 million.

Elsewhere in the state, El Paso County will get $162.77 million, and the city of El Paso will receive $159.22 million. Hidalgo County will accept $212.7 million.

Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick Announces $11.2 Billion In New Funding For Texas Public Schools

"The State of Texas is ensuring that our public schools have the necessary resources to help Texas students recover from learning loss related to COVID-19," said Governor Abbott. "Two years ago, the Legislature passed, and I signed historic school finance legislation to ensure education funding was more equitable and that we fund schools in part on their ability to ensure students are ready for higher education or a career. To ensure this pandemic does not become a generational education crisis, we expect, and students deserve, for this funding to be used to remediate the progress lost due to the pandemic. This will ensure that Texas students will be ready to fill the jobs created in and attracted to this state.”

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