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Montana Senator John Testor On The American Rescue Plan

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The American Rescue Plan is helping regular Americans in every state.

Today we're looking at the state of Montana.

The plan includes roughly $14 million to the city of Missoula and $22 million to Missoula County.

Tester stated for the economy to fully open and small business to thrive, people need to get vaccinated.

He helped secure $20 billion in critical vaccine funding to boost local vaccine supplies, so all Montanans could get vaccinated.

Senator John Tester
“Reopening is just a piece of the puzzle. We have to make sure that workers, schools, businesses and local governments can come out of this crisis strong because this economy is going to rebound, and we're going to need them for it to rebound."

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 also provides Health Insurance access for millions of people.

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