Reducing the stress and expense of costly medical bills


Medical Bill Negotiation

Medical bills are confusing.

Many hospitals and doctor’s office business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If one has questions about their bills, they are usually forced to spend time during work dealing with their inquiries and concerns.

A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with a member’s healthcare provider (doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc.) to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills. Whether through program qualification, settlement discounts, personalized payment plans, etc.

Our expert advocates can help lower these “patient responsible medical bills” to something more manageable for each member.

We have delivered average savings between 40% – 70% on the out-of-pocket portion of medical bills.*

With two ­thirds of all bankruptcies in America including a medical bill debt component, the Bill Negotiator becomes important as we assist members in avoiding financial hardship and possible bankruptcy.

Pre-Negotiation Advisors

These advisors can negotiate potential medical costs before a procedure. Members provide a written estimate and Advisors will pre-negotiate the potential medical bills easing stress and saving money.

Medical Bill Negotiation

A Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare providers (doctor’s office, hospital, etc.) to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills.


* We have partnered with Karis 360 to deliver this service and savings estimates are from Karis. Our customers report:

99% Satisfaction Rating
63% Save Money
72% Save Time
68% Avoid Hassle

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